Ushering in People Friendly Administration


As Chief Minister Luizinho Faleiro was a pioneer and among the first to propose that Goa State should have its own Goa State Civil Service Cadre for IAS and IPS and later add other All India Services and delink itself from the AGMU Civil Service Cadre. Apart from the Chief Secretary all other appointments of officers provided by the Ministry of Home Affairs were to be frozen.


Rationale: The proposal was grounded in Rule 3 of the All India Services Cadre, where each State or group of States can have its own Cadre of All India Services. Luizinho’s Cabinet note cited that the State had faced many constraints in managing IAS/IPS officers posted in the State, as also ad-hoc transfers of chief secretary/secretaries by the Home Ministry without heeding to the State Government. The frequent transfers also do not allow the officers to learn about the culture, customs and sensibilities of the people and are unable to develop a perception in tune with the aspirations, hopes and desires of the people of Goa and therefore lack commitment to the State.

Shri Luizinho Faleiro, then Chief Minister, at a meeting of Cabinet Ministers and Bureaucrats


Benefits: It was also hoped that a separate Cadre would inspire and enthuse youth of Goa to join the All India Services such as IAS and IPS and this would add to the employment opportunities for Goan youth. If it was argued that Goa was too small a state to have its own cadre, Luizinho argued that States such as Nagaland and Sikkim had less population and lower economic indicators but still have their own cadre. Moreover, under the Goa Daman and Diu Re-organisation Act 1987 which conferred statehood on Goa, the State had a right to a separate cadre.


The demand for a separate All India Services Cadre for Goa was a further corollary to Luizinho Faleiro’s demand for Statehood and his aspiration of respecting the unique ethos, culture, language and aspirations of the people of Goa which he has always revered and fought for.