Putting Goa’s Interest Above all things

“Luizinho Faleiro entered the Goa Assembly with the avowed aim of giving a pride of place to Konkani and fighting for self respect for Goans. Besides he piloted numerous other Resolutions for the benefit and welfare of Goans throughout his political career. The important ones are listed below:


Shri Luizinho Faleiro courting arrest after his Konkani Bill was rejected by the Rane Government in 1985






Although he was not a Minister, Luizinho tabled the historic first ever  Resolution in the Goa Daman and Diu Assembly, on March 31, 1982, as a Private Member’s Resolution and urged his own Congress Government and other MLAs to instate Konkani as the mother tongue of Goans, and declare it as the official language. The Resolution also envisaged the creation of a Konkani Academy to develop the language. This historic resolution was one of the first ever Private Member Resolutions to be passed unanimously by the Goa Daman and Diu Assembly, irrespective of party affiliations of the MLAs.











Buoyed by his success, Luizinho Faleiro proceeded to consolidate the gains of the Opinion Poll and moved a resolution on January 14, 1983, to urge the Government of India, to grant Statehood to Goa and fulfill the long cherished dream of all Goans. This historic resolution which would allow the State to determine its own destiny, too was passed unanimously by the Goa Daman and Diu Assembly. Once the language questions was decided as suggested by the Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to Luizinho Faleiro and other members of the Congress delegation in New Delhi, Statehood was not far away.


  •  Resolution No 14 of 14/1/1983:

“This House strongly urges Government to move the Central Government to take measures to bring necessary Legislation to grant Statehood to Goa, Daman and Diu to fulfill the long cherished dream of the people of this territory. ”

The (Constitution 57th Amendment Bill) Goa Daman and Diu Reorganization Bill 1987 was passed by Parliament and Goa finally became the 25th State of the Indian Union on 30th May 1987, under the Premiership of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, who delivered on the promise made by his mother Indira.



  •  Resolution No 48 of 11/4/1980: ” This House strongly recommends Government to move the Central Government to take up with the Government of Portugal the matter regarding settlement of the claims of the Indian depositors who deposited their gold and precious articles and the money in the Banco Ultramarino during the erstwhile Portuguese regime.


  • Resolution No 4 of 10/7/1981: “This House strongly recommends Government to establish a school complex at Navelim having Library and children’s park with cultural and recreational facilities in honour of Dr Francisco Luis Gomes, a great freedom fighter, a great parliamentarian and an economist.”


  • Resolution No 14 of 13/1/1982: ” This House recommends Government to move the Central government to nationalise the Mining Industry in Goa.” (This Resolution was passed in the following amended form: ” This House recommends Government to move the Central Government to nationalise the major mineral extraction and exports in Goa.”)
Shri Luizinho Faleiro gracing the felicitation function of Konkani writers at the All India Konkani Parishad


  •   Resolution No 1 of 31/3/1982: Establishment of Independent Centre in order to achieve the all round development of Konkani.


  • Resolution No 44 of 16/7/1982: ” This House strong recommends Government to move the Central Government to give due representation t Ut of Goa, Daman and Diu in Rajya Sabha even though this union territory has been allocated two seats in the Lok Sabha.”


  • Resolution No1 of 15/7/1983: regarding implementation of Time BOund Automation grade to Teachers of Secondary Schools.


  • Resolution No3 of 15/7/1983: regarding providing job opportunities to sons of the soil in Goa.


  • Resolution No8 of 13/7/1984: regarding implementation of the recommendations of the report of the Panchayati Raj Evaluation committee.


  • Resolution No13 of 20/7/1984: “This House strongly recommends Government to take necessary measures to provide assistance as is prevailing in other states, to the unemployed who are on the live register of the Employment Exchange for more than five years.


  • Resolution No22 of 27/7/1984: regarding providing gainful job opportunities to the sons of the soil.


  • Resolution No43 of 22/7/1988: “To enact a suitable legislation to curb the corruption in administration.”


  • Resolution No 31 of 31/3/1989: “To conduct a survey of the tenants.”