Vision For India & Goa

My vision is to see that India should become a vibrant democracy where people from its different regions, prosper socially, economically and culturally by participating in development and living in harmony, by appreciating each others’ culture, language, religion and aspire to make this country a safe place for all, including minorities, scheduled castes and tribes, women and children.



“For our motherland Goa, I wish to see that Goans whom I consider highly, should participate in governance and contribute to making this State a model state in India, by preserving and protecting our language, our identity, culture and our very ethos in terms of our values and our historical and natural heritage. I wish to see a better quality of life for people, through good roads, water, power supply, public transport and giving each section of society what they look forward to; to young people better chances to prepare themselves for the future with schools, colleges, variety skill based courses, playgrounds etc and a life more livable for women.”



MISSION   My dream for Goa is a brighter future, with respect for tradition and the courage to change an entire and obsolete mindset. I also hope that Goa has the courage to lay blame where it belongs and recognize merit, where it is due, fairly and frankly.