My Goa

“Every single Chief Minister, in the last few years, for lack of ideology and ferocious rapacity, had to abet defections. Even I. The people of Goa deserved better behavior from its elected representatives. Goa is a land of such glorious traditions. It deserves the brightest future. It is a forward looking state. It has an enviable culture, reflected in the attitudes and behavior of its people. Reflected, as well, in its social and economic indicators, its high level of awareness and consciousness. And, look, what we did to it! Isn’t it a shame?”

~Luizinho Faleiro

in My Goa


My Goa is an attempt to share with my fellow citizens my experiences, my hopes and aspirations, successes and fulfillment and also failures, disappointments and frustrations. The good and the bad, the sacrifices and the betrayals, dreams achieved and dreams shattered. And the dreams still being dreamed, despite the obstacles and impediments in their way. And the dreams not yet dreamed,” as Luizinho Faleiro says in his own words.


My Goa besides showcasing the author’s contribution such as his core commitments, his policy initiatives and work for the people, also expresses the hope that the citizens, particularly the younger generation, will learn from errors and follies of politicians. And perhaps, that “they will pick up the threads of the good work, one somehow managed to do” and take governance to a higher level, so as to benefit Goa and Goan society.



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The book “My Goa” by Luizinho Faleiro is a fearless account of his own life, his personal challenges, his entry into public life, enmeshed with the politics of Goa as it unfolded in all its nuances, from the author’s stand point. It also traces the journey of Goa from its Liberation to Statehood and thereafter. My Goa was written at a critical period in Goa’s political history when democracy faced its most serious challenge of endemic defections, such that a section of the people even demanded President’s Rule.

Having seen politics from very close quarters, in its best and worst dimensions, Luizinho Faleiro, who was Chief Minister, faced serious doubts whether to write this book at all, in the context of what he calls ‘the ruthlessness, ferocity and mindlessness of real politic.’ He was also faced with the perplexity of how much could he divulge without hurting his contemporaries in government or whether he could gloss over the murky profession of politics, at the risk of betraying the trust of his people? After much soul searching, Luizinho decided to recount his then nearly 20 years in public life and share it for the benefit of future generations, come what may. Thereafter the State went into elections and Luizinho brought back the Congress to power with an absolute majority mandate from the people.


Sound of Goa

Sound of Goa was especially created by then Congress MLA (later Minister and Chief Minister) Luizinho Faleiro to present it before the Sarkaria Commission, with the sole aim of reinforcing Goa’s case for Konkani as the official Language and granting Statehood to Goa. The movie encapsulated the ethos of Goa, its culture, traditions, occupations and the life of Goans. My special thanks to the Director of the Film, for capturing the Spirit of Goa; Mr. Remo Fernandes for his fabulous music, and the lilting songs; Mr. Valmiki Faleiro, Mr. Ashok Miranda, Mr. Lancy Antao, Mr. Adelino Fernandes, Mr. Agostinho Furtado and Mr. JM Correia for their contribution, Luku Sanyal and Bulbul Mukuherjee for lending their sonorous voices and the actors and performers, and above all the People of Goa who heeded our call and came in unimaginable numbers to support their Mai Bhas ( mother tongue) Konkani and reinforce the case of Statehood for Goa.

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